Barah Maha Path – Bhai Swaran Singh Ji

Listen and download Barah Maha Path – Bhai Swaran Singh Ji

Barah Maha Path – Bhai Swaran Singh Ji
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It is Guru Arjan’s calendar poem in the measure Majh included in the Guru Granth Sahib. The Bani was composed at the behest of Sikh Sangat when they approached Guru Arjan and requested that Guru Nanak Sahib’s composition mentioned below in Tukhri raag is very difficult for them to understand.

The opening verse of the composition presents the binary theme of the poem: the factual situation of the human soul’s separation from the Divine Soul (kirati karam ke vichhure bound by our deeds are we parted from Thee), and its quest for union with Him (kari kirpa melahu ram by Thy grace grant union, 0′ Lord).